Galebotse ‘Dux’ Mareja

Regional Guide Trainer – Botswana

A passionate nature conservationist with a wealth of experience in the tourism industry, Galebotse Dux Mareja is an excellent ambassador to &BEYOND and Botswana. His career has spanned over 20 years and over that time he has worked in administration, marketing, guiding and as a ranger trainer and specialist guide in various fields including birding.

2007 was his first foray into &BEYOND as a guide and head guide at &BEYOND Nxabega Tented Okavango Camp, and in 2010 he joined Kwando Safaris as a guide coordinator and PVT safari specialist guide. He returned to &BEYOND in December 2016 as a regional guide trainer and is a custodian of all company field teams, is responsible for recruiting and inducting new guides through specialised training on company DNA, conservation and guiding culture, local and general knowledge and most importantly “extraordinary interpretive guided experiences”.

Always seeking new challenges, with the opportunity to grow with the company, he loves working in a multi-cultural team and has been through various professional leadership development courses including, BQA Level 3 lead walk and rifle handling, nature vehicle guide, Level 3 first aid, industrial leadership and management. In his spare time, Dux loves travelling, nature exploration, reading and yoga.


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