Edgardo ‘Eddie’ Songer

Head Guide – andBeyond Vira Vira

It was only in his university years that Edgardo came into contact with the great outdoors. It was during this time that he fell madly in love with all the adventures the mountainous landscapes of Chile could bring. From skiing and trekking to rock climbing, he was hooked, and it was these same activities that brought him in close contact with the wildlife of the country’s natural areas. From here his fascination for Chile’s biodiversity grew, and he soon realised that he wanted to pursue a career in nature that allowed him to keep exploring and discovering. 

 As most of his outdoor activities could be linked to tourism, it was a natural progression for Edgardo to move into the direction of guiding. And so, he headed off to Patagonia where he worked as a guide in the spectacular Torres del Paine National Parks. After fours delighting guests in the snow-capped mountains and forests, he decided that he wanted a change of scenery, and the next leg of his guiding adventure took him to the dramatically contrasting landscapes of San Pedro de Atacama; the driest desert in the world. After six years exploring the wonders of the desert, he headed to famous Easter Island, where he added to his toolkit of knowledge for a further eight years.  

 “The Lake District and the surroundings of Vira Vira are some of the best places I have had the privilege of guiding guests, thanks to the variety of landscapes and wide range of activities.” 

 Edgardo has finally landed in the extraordinary Lake District, where he is now in his current position as Head Guide at &Beyond Vira Vira. It is without a doubt that Edgardo brings with him an absolute wealth of knowledge of Chile’s beautiful landscapes and its diverse flora and fauna, making him an absolute asset at the lodge.  



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