&Beyond Academy

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5 Specialised faculties of training

The disciplines that make up &Beyond are grouped under faculties, which are areas of specialised talent and job functions.

Within each discipline, we offer training modules that are available to all staff members in that discipline. Through performance appraisals, staff can access training across disciplines.

Accreditation bodies

We work with third party partners based on country governance frameworks for education. Some disciplines will have an &Beyond qualification that is endorsed by a national education partner, and will also receive a qualification from that partner.

Turn training into a career advantage

When staff register with &Beyond Academy, they enter a programme that will turn the skills and knowledge they learn in their everyday job into a certification that they can use to prove that they are an achiever. And if staff succeed up to level three, they will receive an &Beyond Academy qualification. This would be for their development, growth and training.


2020 saw the launch of our &Beyond Academy: with this formalisation of our in-lodge staff training and development programmes, &Beyonders now have the opportunity of accredited internal, and in some cases, external qualifications.


Leading by example, Lulama Magatya (Chef, &Beyond Ngala Private Game Reserve) and William Witham (Chef, &Beyond Phinda Forest Lodge) achieved their Quality Council for Trade and Occupations (QCTO) National qualifications as Chefs.

This was no small feat. To qualify for this certification, Lulama and William needed firstly to secure their Pru Leith Culinary Institute Occupational Certificate: Chef (Level 5). This professional qualification is aimed at candidates that have worked in the industry for several years. It requires a Portfolio of Evidence (a formal compilation of material relating to their experience, menus, recipes, awards, qualifications and certifications) and includes a rigorous theoretical and practical assessment.

Following the successful completion of these assessments, Lulama and William gained entry to the trade test – a final, two-day theoretical and practical evaluation for the QCTO Chef qualification.

In addition to their National Chef qualifications, Lulama and William are now also qualified Assessors who will guide and shape those &Beyonders starting on their journey to culinary accreditation.


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