The Wildebeest Migration

The Greatest Show on Earth

Have you added the Wildebeest migration in East Africa to your bucket list? I’m sure you have. But if you haven’t, may I suggest you do so immediately. You wouldn’t want to miss out on “The Greatest Show on Earth”, would you?

One of the greatest spectacles you can ever see starts on the short grass plains of Ndutu in the beginning of the year, where the female wildebeest in their thousands give birth to their precious tottering little calves, which are targeted in large numbers by all the large predators in the area.

In February, while still at Ndutu the males will start rutting and jousting for females. Around March, once the calves are strong enough and the adult females are pregnant again, the herds travel north through the southern Serengeti to reach the central plains of Seronera by April.

During May and June they graze profusely and split up between the central Serengeti and the Western and Eastern corridors while still moving slowly north towards Lobo, Kogatende and reach the Mara River by Late July/August where they cross into the Masai Mara yet many stay behind in the Northern Serengeti depending on the rains that have fallen and the amount of grass available.

During the months of July August, September and October our guests get to spend a lot of time on the Mara River searching for the famed river crossings that are sometimes frustratingly unpredictable. But that just adds to the excitement.

Sensational experience to see the wildebeest (aswell as zebras) cross the treacherous river waters

In November they follow the rains and start making their way south again only to end up at Ndutu in January, which completes the yearly cycle.

After a long exciting day of game viewing, there’s nothing better than being treated like a Royal at our &Beyond Serengeti Under Canvas camps

This is my first blog on the Migration. I will be adding to it in separate blog posts from now on throughout the year. So, keep a lookout on my Instagram (@tiffanysteyn.andbeyond) and Facebook (Tiffany Steyn – andBeyond) pages for the latest updates about this blog, which will include, herd information, photos and advice on the areas and lodges to stay at during the year, giving you the best chance to see the migration in full swing, no matter what time of year you are able to travel.

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