The Barnes family was positively changed by Africa

5 Stops in Kenya and Tanzania allowed us 5 very different experiences

Hello Anika,

We are back in Toronto safely. Our “once in a lifetime” trip was truly extraordinary, which has likely created a problem for us, as we all want to go back next year!!!! So much for “once in a lifetime”!

Our itinerary was really perfect, so varied and well-matched. Our 5 stops in Kenya and Tanzania allowed us 5 very different experiences….5 different geographies, 5 different guides/hotels/local people, all handled with precision. Our connections (including drop-offs/pick-ups and all flights) were all either on time or ahead of schedule.

Accommodation in each of our 5 camps was stellar. Hosts/staff in each camp went beyond to cater to our every need. Each of our 5 family members has a different favourite, but we all loved them. The most overwhelming experience was the lions and hyenas rubbing our tents in Serengeti Safari camp!!! We loved that so much!!! The shared family dinner tables also were a highlight, we met the most extraordinary families throughout the trip. We have emails for most, as our connections were immediate.

Your attention to the planning detail was unwavering, we didn’t skip a beat, never felt anything less than perfectly sure of who was meeting us next, where, and each staff member has more detail about our next step than we did.

We saw every animal on our list, but we missed the elusive cheetah! Saw more than our fair share of leopards though! We were lucky! We were amazed by the birds!

3600 pictures later, the Barnes family was positively changed by Africa! We are going back! And you will do our planning again!

Overall, awesome! You did a great job for us. I will be recommending all my friends get their adventures booked through you too.


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Anika Oosthuizen

&Beyond Travel Specialist

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