Sneaky fellas on Paradise Island

Sometimes it’s the small things that make your holiday extra special

I had this amazing stroke of luck some years ago and got to spend 4 whole weeks on &Beyond Vamizi Island.

On one of my many beach strolls, I collected these Hermit crab pics. I just could not get enough of these guys…

They are so fascinating as move into bigger homes as time passes, they aren’t fussy about their homes either and pick what they find, to settle in. I even saw one who had claimed a plastic bottle top as his home! The uniformity of the shape underneath all the sea growth was a telltale sign it was man-made, otherwise, I may not even have noticed his strange house.

The bottom picture is of what I came to know as “a conference of crabs” They always seemed to be deeply engrossed in conversation and occasionally displayed signs of dominance dances whilst clambering over one another.

Sometimes it’s the small things that make your holiday extra special….


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