Nothing like this in the states

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Melissa –

Just a note to say THANK YOU for all your help with our adventure in Kenya. We had the BEST TIME EVER and took sooo many photos, I don’t know where to start. The guides (David in Lewa and Luke in Bateleur) were so amazing and knowledgeable. I know folks likely say this all the time, but this experience has changed my life. EVERYONE should see these animals in their natural state – we have nothing like this in the states…

And you, Melissa – thank you so much for all your help. Never once did I feel on my own. “Just ask Melissa” was a phrase we used all the time. I’d love to send a note to your boss and let them know. Where can I send that? And I’d love to send you a postcard from Cincinnati and Kentucky, since you’ve never been – can you share a good address for both?

Thank you again for everything – we loved it.

All the best


Found a few photos we’re happy to share – you must get from everyone, so these are more specific to our personalized and thrilling adventure!


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