Ngorongoro Crater Lodge Honeymoon

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Our last safari destination in Tanzania was Ngorongoro Crater Lodge.

We were totally unprepared for the beauty and elegance of Ngorongoro Crater Lodge. The view of the crater is spectacular.

The guest area calls you to look at every inch, every nook and cranny. On our first night, the choir came to sing and it was a very captivating affair.

Their love and joy for music were tangible and infectious.

A warm welcoming bath with rose petals

I woke up during the night to find it was a full moon and I could see the moonlight reflecting off the water in the crater. I couldn’t help but just stare at it for an endless period of time feeling that something magical was happening in the world at that very moment.

The view of the crater floor from the guest area of South Camp

Our guide was Moody. What an amazing experience just being on safari with him. He is a fabulous birder and incredibly impassioned about it.

He took us to areas around the crater that we could never have known about otherwise. We explored and searched for every possible bird that he could think of for us to see – talk about dedication.

Descending into the crater is like going to another planet everything is just as it is. The animals are plentiful and the viewing is fabulous. This is the only area in the world where the Spotted hyena is the kingpin and the Majestic Lion is second in the hierarchy. The views of the crater floor and all the animals in it as you drive down the winding roads is captivating and mesmerizing. We had a wonderful picnic on the crater floor and soaked in the majesty.

On our last night, we had dinner in our room in front of the fireplace, lovely and cosy and incredibly romantic. A perfect way to end off a perfect stay.


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