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It’s World Dream Day! Start dreaming with these 10 most romantic moments…

Why stop dreaming when you wake up? The best dreams happen when you’re awake… Dreams mean something different to everyone, so that’s why we personally tailor-make each &Beyond adventure to exceed the wildest dreams of each and every guest. No dream is ever too big, too small, too daring or too outrageous. And the best part is, that by making people’s bucket list dreams come true, we are able to give back to the land, wildlife and people. That was our dream 25 years ago, and we are thrilled to still be living that very same dream today.

And so, in celebration of #WorldDreamDay today, we’d love to hear your wildest dreams. What’s at the top of your bucket list? What are the things that will reignite your soul and reconnect you with your sense of adventure? Those special moments that will inevitably become lifetime memories that will reconnect you, not only with yourself but with your partner. We have a few ideas … here are our 10 most romantic moments. Here’s hoping they inspire you to start dreaming the (im)possible. As the late Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

1. Dune picnic-for-two

As you crest the top of a towering terracotta sand dune, a desert oasis awaits. Plump white cushions surround a small table-for-two, complete with well-deserved appetisers and sundowners to toast the most magnificent sunset imaginable. Relax as the sun slowly dips over the horizon and watch in awe as the shifting dunes forever change colour.

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2.A night under the stars

Picture comfortable beds with fluffy duvets and warm blankets, draped with billowing mosquito nets; inviting chairs around a blazing campfire; and twinkling lanterns hanging from the trees … right in the middle of the bush! After a hearty meal and drinks around the fire, fall asleep under the starry sky and absorb the tranquillity, solitude and unequivocal sounds of Africa.

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3. Rose petal bubblebath-for-two

After an invigorating day spent outdoors, retire to the most opulent and unashamedly romantic suite where a soft, velvety trail of rose petals leads to a hot bubblebath, complete with sparkling wine, long-stemmed roses and even more fragrant petals. Afterwards, adorn plush, white bathrobes and tuck into a private three-course meal-for-two in your suite.

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4. ‘Out of Africa’ balloon safari

As the sun rises, float peacefully over the game-filled Masai Mara plains in a hot air balloon. Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the very place where Out of Africa was filmed 30 years ago. The setting is extraordinary and the views second to none. As you land, a champagne celebration and hot breakfast await beneath the dappled shade of a big tree.

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5. Marooned on a private island

Think Robinson Crusoe meets Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous. Escape like castaways to an exclusive barefoot beach paradise, where just 12 rustic beach bandas peer out from the forest out onto a perfectly soft, snow-white beach and crystal clear water that is every shade of blue. Enjoy forest dinners for two, sandcastle dinners and sunset cruises on a traditional dhow.

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6. Sunset over the Taj Mahal

Indulge in private cocktails on a romantic terrace overlooking the iconic, and famously beautiful, Taj Mahal in the distance. As musicians quietly serenade you, sip on sundowners and watch as the sun sets over the intricate white marble of what is undisputedly the world’s most famous tribute to love. Truly bucket list material.

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7. Private dinner on a palace terrace

Share an intimate, sumptuous and most regal al fresco dinner-for-two, ensconced in the marble minaret of an ancient palace. The ultimate in fairy-tale romance, a private butler will serve each lavish course of mouth-watering Indian fare as you quietly gaze at the moonlit lake and twinkling city lights that surround you.

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© Taj Lake Palace

8. Tango lessons for two

Dust off your dancing shoes, take to the dancefloor and get your flirt on as you learn the sensual and steamy steps of the Argentinian tango. Milongas (dance halls or dance events) are ever popular and they’ll soon get your heart racing. Hold each other close, make serious eye contact, but most of all, just have a laugh!

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9. One-of-a-kind stilted vineyard loft

Couples can cocoon themselves in a state-of-the-art, yet blissfully romantic (and totally isolated) stilted suite that sits right in the middle of a lush vineyard. With views of the majestic Andes Mountain range in the distance, the private terrace boasts an al fresco bathtub and there are skylights in the suite for night-time stargazing.

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© Entre Cielos

10. Hot tub in the wilderness

Escape to the southernmost tip of the world, where a remote outdoor hot tub boasts the most jaw-dropping, panoramic view of the impossibly turquoise Lake Pehoé. Situated right on the edge of the lake, and completely out of sight from the resort itself, it’s the perfect spot for a sunset bottle of champagne and some evening stargazing.

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© Explora Patagonia


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