It Exceeded our Expectations!

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With the seriousness of the current world situation, I thought I’d share a funny experience

This lovely family recently stayed with us at &Beyond Ngala Safari Lodge. They had a great time as their email below attests:

Karen, thank you. We had the most extraordinary time – it exceeded our expectations on every single level, and by quite a margin.

All the staff at the lodge were wonderful and incredibly attentive. It was such a fantastic space. The food was terrific and presented by such warm and friendly staff.

But the best of all was our amazing field team, Tessa and Mishak. Not only were they incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about their subject, but they seemed really interested in what we wanted and did everything they could to respond to that. They were also unfailing in their duty to keep us safe, which we always felt, even in some quite tense moments! They were assets to your business and I do hope they receive that feedback.

Very sad to return home this morning, but we have something to aim for in the future!

Thanks again,



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