How to pack a 15kg soft sided bag

Time and time again over the 10 years of doing this job I’ve had panicked guests ask what to pack…

Demystifying the challenge of packing a 15kg soft-sided bag

A few hacks from a seasoned safari traveller

Don’t be afraid to pack light. With all the amazing podcasts and movement towards decluttering and living more minimally, this could be a great practise round for focussed, unfussy travel.

  • The first thing to remember is that most properties offer a complimentary laundry service

So you can rewash regularly. Check with me which ones if you are not sure. As long as there’s no rain its typically same day service.

  • We offer soap suds in the rooms for your delicates
  • Layer it up

Even in autumn, spring and summer it can get really chilly on a game drive. So bring a jacket that’s windproof, a fleece, long sleeve tops and a t-shirt to go under that. Scarves that can double as a sarong, a beanie and light gloves are worthwhile.

  • Swimwear

It’s great to take a plunge and move your body whilst cooling down.

  • Colours

Mmmmm the theory that animals run away from bright shiny hues is questionable as fact. It’s probably more realistic to say that other guests may be upset by you ruining their safari shot if you’re wearing neon pink! Dark colours like black and navy attract tsetse flies. So it’s a really good idea to avoid those on a game drive when in areas that have them. Again check with me if you’re unsure. If you’re like me and need a pair of black leggings to change into then bring some along. Light beige and khaki definitely attract less heat, so long-sleeved flowing breathable fabrics work well to keep the sun off on the drive.

  • Toiletries

Our lodges have delicious soaps, body washes and shampoos that are biodegradable ad ecofriendly. I bring a richer conditioner and my face products only. We provide Mosquito repellant and if you forget sunscreen we do sell some in our Safari shops.

  • Something pretty always makes its way into my bag

I have to have a flowy dress to change into between drives.

  • Shoes

I personally cannot stand heavy boots. You are not likely to be hiking rather walking slowly through the bush if at all. So a good comfortable pair of closed trainers work just fine. Especially in Summer, heavy leather boots are just overkill. Always take a pair of slops or sandals for in between.

  • Leopard print

You just have to. At least one item

  • Keep your valuables, a change of underwear and a clean t-shirt in your carry-on luggage

You have undoubtedly done this before and know that not having any if your luggage goes astray on your way to Africa gets complicated while tracking down your bag.

  • I always take Probiotics

Often with Antimalarials (if you take them) and the rich food-sensitive tummies can get a bit upset. This just help maintain balance in your gut and keep things on an even keel. Good quality pricier ones that can be kept out of the fridge work best.

  • An extra adaptor is always a good idea

We have loads of charging banks in the rooms, including USB ports – but check with me on the species for the country you are going to.



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