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Hi Tiffany,

I’m sorry it has taken so long to send this email, I feel like we are finally settling back in to being back home (sadly) but reveling in what an amazing time we had in South Africa. We truly can’t say THANK YOU enough for planning the most incredible vacation we’ve ever been on! Everything was absolutely perfect, but our highlight for sure was with &Beyond at Ngala. We really had no idea what to expect going into the safari and were completely blown away.

The &Beyond team there made our experience. The hospitality, attention to detail, and overall kindness and consideration of the people there was unlike anything we’ve ever encountered before and I don’t know how (and if) we’ll ever take a vacation again that isn’t with &Beyond.

Jenni and Weisman were so incredible, adventurous, and knowledgeable on our drives and their passion for the wildlife and animals truly shone through with each and every drive. I’m sure they’ve heard every question under the sun by this point, but they were always patient with us, explained everything in great detail, and overall just made the drives so much fun! We got to see every animal, but even if we didn’t, I would have still had the best time driving around talking to them about the safari.

Our butler Noel was insanely attentive and friendly and made us feel so comfortable, he did such an amazing job. By the end of our stay, Jenni, Weisman, and Noel truly felt like friends to us. Honestly, everyone did, it’s really hard to put into words how grateful we are and how much appreciation we have for everyone we met with &Beyond!

When Nazeer picked us up from the airport in Cape Town and drove us to the Steenberg, he instantly made us feel comfortable and we were so excited to find out he’d be our guide for the Winelands tour as well. Our favourite day in Cape Town was definitely with him at the wineries. First of all, I feel like I learned all about the history of Cape Town, Apartheid, and the people just from being in the car with him, it was so impressive! But on top of that, he made the day so special for us. He knows the wineries like the back of his hand and was always two steps ahead. He knew everyone and made sure we had the best places to sit, chose the wines he knew we’d like based on our taste, and arranged a great lunch for us. Like I said before, while every leg of our trip was great, the parts that were directly with &Beyond far surpassed anything else and completely blew us away.

From the beginning, when we started planning this trip, I had no idea where to begin or what we even needed to do to travel to South Africa. I am so so grateful that you contacted me and instantly, I knew I was in good hands and completely trusted your expertise and guidance. You are so knowledgeable in your field, completely attentive to what we were looking for, and went above and beyond what we could have ever imagined every step of the way. Everything you had a hand in made the trip so so special for us, even the way everyone just knew it was our honeymoon without us even saying anything, it all meant so much to us. I would recommend your services and &Beyond to absolutely anyone, and I can assure you that we will be vacationing with &Beyond in the future, we already want to start planning another trip!

Thank you again, there truly aren’t enough ways for me to describe how grateful we are for our experience, and I hope we’re in touch to plan another trip with you very soon!

Jillian  – July 2017


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