A love letter to &Beyond

Thank you &Beyond for holding so many dreams and hopes alive and most importantly touching the world the way you do

This has been a really hard and challenging time for us all. The travel Industry has taken a huge knock – and so it’s been a time to reflect and dig really deeply to find purpose and positivity; and even more so, passion, through all this change.

My love affair with &Beyond began just before my 27th birthday at this amazing lodge; &Beyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge . When I watched it – I was flooded with memories of my younger self, naïve and tender with so much hope for my life. And now – 16 years later it’s incredible how those wild, free dreams of mine are still being translated into the day to day of my life, working for this company.

We really are a family, and I can tell you that witnessing other people’s experiences in the corporate world has been an incredible eye opener to the fact that I work for one of the most remarkable businesses in the world. Just the other day one of our directors offered me an ear when he heard I had lost my uncle a few weeks ago. As with so many of us I couldn’t see him due to travel restrictions and it’s been a strange; hard loss to process. The care is real and palpable here. It’s not just lip service.

Through all the soul searching we’ve been forced to do with slower work days, lockdowns and massive adjustments I have over and over again breathed a sigh of relief that my hopes, dreams, heart and soul are aligned with what I do. Because doing what I do makes a huge difference on our fragile beautiful planet. Doing what I do contributes to conserving these wild places, protecting the animals that are home in them and give joy, purpose and dignity to so many people through job creation at our lodges and in our offices. Have a look at this for some explanation on that. Its goose bump, tear jerker (in a great way) stuff.

It really is hard to put into words the pride, gratitude and love I have for this wild, crazy huge hearted company I am part of. Every individual is special and we have an innate respect and love for one another that sits on a bed of trust. To sink into the knowingness of kindness within the team is immensely soothing and something I wish could be emulated throughout the world. God knows we all need more kindness now, more stability and care … and how blessed am I that I get to sit in that here, in my job ding something that makes a difference. Truly.

Thank you &Beyond for holding so many dreams and hopes alive and most importantly touching the world the way you do. I am humbled to be here. And Grateful beyond words. And yes, so in love.


I am passionate about travel and can’t wait to share the beauty of the world with you

Melissa Adey

&Beyond Travel Specialist

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