A collection of our family recipes

Just a taste of the countless delicious recipes created by our chefs for you to try at home…

They say a recipe is a story that ends with a great meal, which feels so apt when it comes to describing the &Beyond experience. From our chefs to our guides, and everyone in between, we are a tribe of storytellers, deliriously passionate about sharing stories and creating lasting memories … through adventure and food.

Just as ancient cultures pass down knowledge and traditions from generation to generation, we do this through storytelling. Our guides regale fascinating stories about wildlife interactions and our conservation heroes captivate all ages with their tales of the highs and lows of protecting endangered species.

The communities neighbouring our reserves share humbling anecdotes of upliftment and overcoming hardships; our guests swap stories of their day’s adventures; and, indeed, our chefs share the stories behind their menus, cultural backgrounds and exactly where each meal’s wholesome ingredients are sourced.

The magic ingredient

Across our close-knit family of nearly 2,000 &Beyonders, we represent 75 different cultures, so when it comes to the food we serve, our menus are—quite literally—imbued with a delicious global tapestry of worldly flavours, cultural techniques and an unwavering love of food.

That’s the magic ingredient right there. Passionate, knowledgeable foodies from different corners of the world (some from world-class kitchens, others from humble beginnings) convening in our kitchens to seamlessly combine their unique cultures, recipes, flavours and stories to create a memorable dining experience that is both cooked with love and shared in abundance.

From our kitchens to yours

Just as stories bring people together, preserve cultures and celebrate moments, so, too, do recipes. So, here is just a taste of the countless recipes created by our chefs and food fundis over the years, from the South African bushveld, to the beaches of Zanzibar, the tree-dotted plains of Kenya, the jungles of India, the valleys of Bhutan, the shores of Sri Lanka and the wilds of Chile.

These delicious stories from our chefs are guaranteed to end with a great meal.

Roasted red pepper & pear soup

Curried zucchini & cauliflower soup

Miniature springbok pies

Cheese & herb pull-apart bread

Bunny chow

(it's not what you think)

3 ways to the perfect eggs benedict

Comfort food jaffles on the campfire

Easy gourmet pizzas from scratch

Prepping beef fillets for a bush dinner

Chilean sea bass & organic vegetables

Patagonian lamb with garden vegetables

Zanzibari kalmati breakfast pastries

The mocha-choca-rula safari classic

Gourmet rocky road nougat

White chocolate truffles

Miniature sweet pecan pies

Cinnamon twist bread

Carrot cake cupcakes

Gingerbread latte

Safari crunchies

Plenty more recipes here if you’re still hungry…

Recipes from Africa

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Recipes are great, but wouldn’t it be better if our chefs prepared these for you in person?


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