15 things to do at Vira Vira

Take your spirit of adventure to the next level (and another continent) at Vira Vira…

Jobs fill your pockets and adventures fill your soul. There’s no doubt about it. Yet, whether you’re enjoying the newfound freedom of your golden years, embarking on the honeymoon of a lifetime, or a child exploring curious faraway lands with your family, adventure means something entirely different to each and every traveller.

Think about it. Perhaps you’re the eternal, ever-insatiable adrenaline junkie always looking for that next fix to outdo the last. Maybe you’re adventurous when it comes to trying new foods, learning a new language, mastering a new skill or seeing the silver lining that exists outside of your comfort zone. Whatever it means to you, embrace it and indulge that adventurous spirit of yours as often as you can.

At &Beyond, we have embraced our own spirit of adventure and have begun truly exploring what lies beyond Africa. With nearly three decades of travel expertise and proven sustainable tourism in Africa, 12 years in Asia and 3 in South America, our &Beyond family is growing, and so is our exclusive luxury lodge portfolio. On 01 September, &Beyond Vira Vira will open its doors to guests and if you’re looking for adventure, this is absolutely the place for you.

Countless luxury properties in every far-flung corner of the world offer your standard, run-of-the-mill activities, from hiking, biking and diving, to the slower-paced walking, birding and spa-ing. &Beyond Vira Vira, on the other hand, takes an adventure to the next level. So, what lies beyond adventure? Here are 15 things to do at &Beyond Vira Vira … among many other memorable options.

Bookings for &Beyond Vira Vira are now open. Be among the first to explore our very first South American lodge.

1. Trekking

2. Horseback riding

3. Fishing (catch & release)

4. White-water rafting

5. Kayaking

6. SUPing

7. Helicopter flights

8. Mapuche cultural experience

9. Mountain biking

10. Skiing & snowboarding

11. Snowshoeing

12. Dog sledding

13. Exploring a cheese factory

14. Yoga classes

15. Spa therapy … it does a body (and mind) good

Here’s a quick adventure-filled video for all the armchair travellers out there … we hope it entices you to book your next bucket list adventure to &Beyond Vira Vira. As the Spanish would say, ándale.


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