10 shifts in the way we’ll travel

Our former travel habits will shift as we seek new ways to explore safely and responsibly…

Although this year has felt like a really bad made-for-tv movie (on repeat), this pause certainly has the potential for greater good. It has engendered creativity, reinvention, patience and, hopefully, compassion; it has reinforced the value of self-care; it has revolutionised the way we work; and it has reminded people of our need for connection, with ourselves, our loved ones and indeed with Mother Nature.

This year has changed us forever and it will also drastically change the way we travel in the future (and please, may that be soon). As we navigate this storm to our eventual post-apocalyptic pandemic lives, our former travel habits will take the backseat as we seek new ways to explore safely, responsibly and comfortably.

While we’re all, understandably, a lot more guarded and cautious, let us also be far more appreciative of our precious pale blue dot. Get outdoors, travel (where you can) in cocooned safety, seek wellness and value simplicity. The return to travel, though long-awaited, will be slow and calculated. But planning a holiday is undeniably good for the soul, so keep planning, dreaming and adventuring locally as we all adapt to these 10 ways to travel in this new world.

1. Safety first

Our health and safety remain paramount and as travel gradually resumes, many of us will have that inner hypochondriac that dictates where we go and who we travel with. Cleanliness is key and the strictest of personal hygiene measures and Covid-19 protocols must be adhered to as we slowly regain our courage to travel.

2. Privacy is the new luxury

Many adventure-seekers will opt for the security and sheer peace of mind of travelling inclusively, for now. Think private jets, private transfers and sole-use villas (with personal butler and chef) where travellers can relax, unwind and ultimately mitigate the risk of coming in contact with other travellers outside of their trusted circle of safety.

3. Inner circle

Having been caged up in our homes and restricted from seeing our loved ones during lockdown, many will plan multi-generational travel reunions with their trusted quaranteam. Whether they plan to celebrate a milestone occasion, or just simply enjoy some quality time away together, they’ll opt to travel in the relative safety of their own travel bubble.

4. Quality over quantity

Almost overnight, travel became a forbidden fruit. Once it is rightfully returned, many travellers will finally get around to actually taking (and not just talking about) those once-in-a-lifetime adventures they’ve spent their lives dreaming about. Frequent, short journeys will be replaced with fewer, longer and more meaningful ones. Less dreaming and more doing … carpe diem!

5. Linger longer

We never rush a good meal, an expensive bottle of wine or a big decision. So why rush when it comes to travel? It’s time to slow down and enjoy the journey. Whether you’re a type A traveller needing non-stop adrenaline or you’re simply in search of some solitude, there is a real indulgence to staying longer in (and truly appreciating) one destination.

6. Follow the crowd

It’s time to go where the crowds aren’t. Many travellers will seek restorative escapes to remote, far-flung destinations that boast soulful hideaways, peaceful retreats and blissfully unrestricted spaces. Those places devoid of crowds and queues where social distancing just comes naturally and travellers can immerse themselves in ultimate seclusion.

7. Back to nature

Disclaimer: this list is in no particular order; although perhaps top of the list is a desperate, post-lockdown craving for the great outdoors. To breathe the fresh air, walk amongst the trees, swim in the ocean and (re)appreciate the extraordinary beauty of the natural world. Whether this remedy is enjoyed close to home or further abroad, wide open landscapes and soul-restoring views will top many travellers’ list of priorities.

8. Self-care isn’t selfish

Global and pandemic stress have been our norm this year and stress (be it obvious or internalised) does not do the body good. Many travellers will embark on wellness journeys to restore their souls and mend their spirits. From yoga, meditation and nature therapy, to wholesome meals, soothing spas and twinkling stars, there’s no guilt in indulging in some much needed ‘me’ time.

9. Revival of the staycation

As borders open and restrictions fluctuate, many travel addicts are indulging in local, passport-free adventures right on their own doorstep. Rediscover your homeland and appreciate the often-overlooked treasures of your town. Who doesn’t love a good roadtrip? And now that we have proven that we can work from anywhere, the working holiday/staycation is all-the-more appealing.

10. Leave our world a better place

We all witnessed the silver lining to quarantine: as planes were grounded and streets were cleared, our carbon emissions plummeted. The smog soon lifted, animals curiously roamed once-congested areas and birdsong became seemingly more audible. It was as if the forests could breathe again. As travel resumes, will we act responsibly, mindfully and sustainably and put the environment first? It’s time to take a more considered approach to how we travel and how we treat our planet’s land, wildlife and people.


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