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Empowering Communities, Enabling Conservation

Without conservation, no wildlife; without wildlife, no community upliftment; without community support, no conservation.


Africa Foundation is an independent, tax-exempt Non-Profit Organisation registered in South Africa, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Working hand-in-hand with our non-profit community development partner for 29 years, &Beyond and Africa Foundation’s long-term collaboration is founded on shared values – to care for land, wildlife and people – and the combination of our mutual strengths and expertise are thus leveraged to create the greatest possible impact.

Africa Foundation traces our lodge footprint in Africa, nurturing, restoring and protecting the natural wild systems associated with our operations, by empowering the communities that are the custodians of these systems. By partnering with communities, governments and the private sector, a symbiotic balance between land, wildlife and people can be best achieved.


In line with this shared vision, Africa Foundation aims to facilitate the empowerment and development of people living within or close to Africa’s protected wildlife areas by forging unique partnerships between conservation initiatives and local communities. In this way, these conservation initiatives become both meaningful and relevant to these communities.


Africa Foundation’s methodology is based on a collaborative and consultative approach of working WITH community leadership. The foundation listens to the communities’ own identified needs, providing guidance where necessary. They continue to work directly with the community until the completion of the project, ensuring donor money and time is well invested.


The projects that Africa Foundation supports are based on two important principles – they are grounded in community participation and are driven by local leadership.

Partnership with local stakeholders is critical for the success of the projects and the Foundation plays a pivotal role in facilitating the relationship between communities, local government and &Beyond.

Eight active programmes

Africa Foundation’s methodology is collaborative, with the emphasis on responding to community-led needs and aspirations.


Conservation is in our collective DNA and at the heart of all we do. Operating in communities around the &Beyond lodge footprint, our collective mission to promote conservation has been unwavering.

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That mission involves facilitating the empowerment and development of people living alongside these protected wildlife areas by forging unique partnerships between conservation initiatives and local communities. Phinda Community Conservation & Research Skills Development Course, Rhinos without Borders and other Phinda conservation activities feature under this banner.


Balancing the interests of people, business and wildlife within conservation landscapes often feels like a juggling act, but when the scales settle at that middle sweet spot, the harmony is beautiful.

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Creating environmentally-conscious communities is paramount to achieving this balance. Known simply as ECHO for the resonance it has across people’s lives, this holistic Environmental Education Programme exposes communities to the game reserves that neighbour them through immersive game drives as well as curriculum-based lessons imparted throughout the school year.


The word “hustle” means different things to different people, but whisper it on the streets of a rural village and it means just one thing – opportunity! This programme focuses on micro-entrepreneurs.

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Also known as hustle-preneurs, the programme provides support for inexperienced yet aspirational start-ups, established retailers such as crafters, or contractors that run established businesses and have their own employees. Hustle-preneurs are the foundation of local economies, complementing often limited formal employment opportunities


We have always had ambitions to build – to build bridges, relationships and dreams. Ironically, achieving these goals most often actually takes the form of building physical walls with brick and mortar.

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By constructing structures and services to facilitate access to education and healthcare, the quality of life and the wellbeing of people in rural communities is supported, ultimately helping to underpin economic development. Healthy, educated citizens are then best able to build their own businesses and futures.


To truly break the cycle of poverty in rural Africa, the youth have to access tertiary level education to increase their employability – enter the Community Leader’s Education Fund (CLEF) bursary programme.

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This programme is not only a gateway to the dreams of young leaders in rural communities, it is also an initiative that brings value to generation upon generation. Operating since 1996, CLEF provides both bursaries and psycho-social support to rural youth from South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, Zanzibar and Kenya.


Oceans are the ultimate commons, connected by the salty waters that flow around the globe – a fragile blue expanse that connects us all, and on which we are all intimately dependent. This programme is a unique collaboration.

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Oceans Without Borders (OWB) is the product of a partnership between &Beyond and Africa Foundation. Bringing together broad expertise, and working intimately with coastal and island communities, OWB is dedicated to marine conservation and community development at sites where &Beyond and Africa Foundation operate.


Saying “Yes!” to job creation, to giving youth a start in life by getting them job ready, to boosting the economy and to partnerships that make these things happen means saying yes to the Youth Empowerment Service aka YES.

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A joint initiative by the private sector and SA Government, Africa Foundation acts as an implementing partner for YES, making paid, skill-developing work opportunities available in their programmes for youths, currently in the role of Community & Conservation Rangers.


Sustainability has always been at the heart of what we do and in this regard, it is essential to look ahead and identify the bigger issues that threaten the long-term vitality of the communities with which we work.

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Climate change is looming as the primary antagonist in every conservation landscape’s story. Interventions like localised climate-wise agriculture, small scale water harvesting and alternative energy are needed. There are also the virtually untapped economic benefits of the carbon economy to harness.

29 years of working hand-in-hand


Community jobs created


CLEF bursaries awarded as of 2020


Conservation lessons delivered


Community members with access to water


Community schools supported


Hippo-rollers to transport water

Respective roles

What are the respective roles between &Beyond, a For-Profit Organisation, and Africa Foundation, a Non-Profit Organisation?

The role of &Beyond

  • Delivering extraordinary guest experiences to generate a sustainable, commercial, and social return
  • Looking a shared value opportunities to give economic value to our communities
  • Providing our guests with exposure to programmes requiring support
  •  Contributing towards the core costs of Africa Foundation, thereby maximising the impact of guest donations

The role of Africa Foundation

  • Working WITH the community to define their needs, scope, and complete the defined project
  • Enabling community capacity building and small business development
  • Providing clear accountability on each sponsored project
  • Providing donors with status reports, detailing progress on the respective projects

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