Boat cruise on the Amazon

Seek out the endangered Amazon pink river dolphin in the Northern Amazon

The essence of a boat cruise

Embark on an intrepid boating adventure as you traverse the waterways of the Amazon in search of taricaya turtle, manatee and the three-toed sloth. Get on board a customized aluminium motorized boat or skiff and marvel at the stunning snaking tributaries of the Amazon. Offering daily excursions with a maximum of eight passengers, keep your eyes wide open and your camera ready as you cast a glimpse into the glimmering swirl of black water, where armoured catfish, red bellied piranhas, and the beady-eyed heads of spectacled caimans will present themselves to you.

Don’t forget to look up though, as magnificent as the alluring world of the deep is, so is the activity on the shoreline and in the treetops. See yellow spotted Amazon river turtles sluggishly meandering along the muddy shoreline, exquisite sapphire blue beaked Amazon kingfishers swooping past and antediluvian prehistoric hoatzin birds perching on leafy branches, nearby, dusky titi monkeys frolic in the tree canopy.

Something that you won’t see every day is the gorgeous Amazon pink river dolphin. A remarkably rare species that glides in the freshwater rivers of the Amazon. Social, gentle, friendly and incredibly intelligent, the pretty pink dolphin is a highlight.

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