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Taunt your taste buds in South America’s food capital

Culinary tour

The essence of a culinary tour in Lima

Setting awe-inspiring historical attractions aside, sublime cooking is what defines Lima today. Celebrated as South America’s Culinary Capital, it boasts world-class eateries and authentic local gems that offer a heady mix of enticing flavours.

This exceptional tour is guided by a local chef, who will accompany you to one of the city’s local markets, offering insight into regional produce. You will also visit a local café and explore the Peruvian Gastronomy Museum.

Lima is home to a variety of  lively food markets, and you can have the exhilarating opportunity of experiencing one. If your taste buds are tempted, follow the enticing aromas and explore a bustling, colourful market in San Isidro. In the company of a Peruvian chef, stroll through a dazzling array of wholesome, local ingredients, an unforgettable sensation for any food enthusiast. Taste the colourfully exotic fruits and lush vegetables, exchange gasps and grins with local vendors and savour the spicy, fresh, organic and raw. Peru’s multi ethnic culture is entwined in a gastronomic fusion blending ingredients from the Amazon jungle, the high Andes and the Pacific.

At the end of your fragrantly gratifying day, dine on a gourmet dinner at one of the most iconic restaurants of Lima, and relish a magical evening of mouth-watering flavours. Lima provides the perfect setting for culinary and cultural enthusiasts, and you will definitely want to go back for more.

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