Museo del Pisco tour

Discover the taste and history of Peru’s national drink in Cusco

The essence of a Museo del Pisco tour

Salud! This is your chance to taste a Pisco sour (or two) and experience the flavour sensation of Peru’s National drink and favourite beverage. This cocktail even has its own National Holiday, celebrated on the first Saturday of February. The Museo del Pisco takes the unconventional form of a pisco-themed cocktail bar, complete with racks of different pisco bottles and flavours. There is also a fun timeline on the wall detailing the history of the drink, and the processes involved in the production of this brandy base, cultivated from distilled and fermented Peruvian grape juice.

Lime juice, egg white, syrup together with a base of pisco, finished with a dash of bitters, make up the traditional Pisco sour. A few different grape varieties are used in the production of pisco, resulting in subtle flavour variances. In addition, bartenders may add ingredients like hot pepper, mango, coca leaf, chocolate or liquorish. Needless to say, these twists on the traditional cocktail are the subject of heated debate. After all, we are talking about a South American classic!

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