Guided shore visits to the Galapagos Islands

Walk in the footsteps of Charles Darwin

The essence of Guided shore visits

Galapagos is for the most part untouched by humans and remains unblemished. An exquisite volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, a chance to visit the shore is simply an opportunity not too be missed. The most popular visitor activity in the Galapagos Islands is wildlife watching as few destinations rival the archipelago for its profusion of fascinating animals, many of which are found nowhere else on earth.

Meticulously crafted to present the profusion of lush flora and fauna of the Galapagos, these visits reveal how wildlife in the Galapagos evolves and emerges with limited threat.

Immerse yourself in fascinating lectures on shore which offer extraordinary knowledge on the history and the magnificent, unspoilt natural environment. This secluded group of volcanic islands and its delicate ecosystem has taken on almost mythological status as an exhibition of biodiversity.

Enriched with a wealth of awareness experience a guided walk through the terrain. Led by expert naturalist guides the amazing wildlife will stun you with its beauty in the pure surroundings. Explore beaches, lava fields, cliffs, and mangrove estuaries with easy- to- moderate trails. There is ample opportunity to savour close up wildlife encounters, as Galapagos animals evolved in relative isolation, so many species have no natural fear of humans or predatory mammals.

Of great interest is the chance to comprehend the environmental issues that the Galapagos faces and the ever increasing endeavours to conserve the islands. On your meander you will be sure to see giant tortoises, land and marine iguanas, Sea lions, three species of booby and frigate birds.

If you are an intrepid spirit and prefer something slightly more arduous, the islands have magnificent hiking excursions.

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