Patagonia National Park visit

Be captivated by breathtaking natural wonders

The essence of a Patagonia National Park visit

Parque Patagonia located at the southern tip of the Carretera Austral stretches alongside the border with Argentina, about half way between the Chacabuco Valley and Villa O’Higgins.  Marvel at breath-taking scenery along 2,000km of unpaved road, including spectacular valleys, towering peaks, flourishing rainforests, stunning lakes and rivers. Stand breath-less in the overwhelming magnificent of the beauty engulfing you.

Established by conservationist Douglas Tompkins, learn from resident experts and &Beyond guides about the park’s extensive conservation projects. Hiking, camping, fly fishing and bird watching are just snippets of all that Parque Patagonia offers the intrepid adventurer. Amazingly, you can also simply drive through the park in a little under two hours. Strap on your hiking boots and journey through staggering scenery dotted with snow-capped peaks, glacial lakes, steppes, deserts and the most colour-intense forests you’ll ever see. The project helps empower local communities whilst restoring wildlands and biodiversity in the region.

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