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The essence of Pucón outdoor adventures

Pucón has been coined the “Adventure Capital” of Chile, and offers myriad outdoor activities such as rafting, hiking, skiing, kayaking, fly-fishing, mountain biking, and horse riding. There is however far more to this multi-faceted destination than adrenalin escalation, and among its many natural highlights, there are wonderful thermal springs and gorgeous national parks.

Offering some of the most natural sites Chile has to offer, delve into explorations of the nearby Villarrica Volcano, visiting its labyrinth of tunnels or even reaching the summit. A scenic helicopter flight will leave you breathless as you soar over the active volcanoes and emerald colour lakes. For a stint in the pure white clouds of snow, embrace freedom as you ski and snowboard with no inhibition on the snow-capped volcanoes of Villarrica, Puyehue and Osorno.

You are encouraged to explore a new adventure or experience each day, in the ancient Mapuche territories. With some thirty options to choose from, your guides will expertly help you to tailor-make your adventures.

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