Mountain biking in Chile’s Lake District

Enjoy a leisurely pedal or thrilling extreme downhills

The essence of mountain biking

What better way to explore the lush native forests and volcanic slopes of the region than on two wheels? Perfect for avid mountain bikers, &Beyond Vira Vira offers various half-day as well as full-day excursions to spectacular areas boasting breath-taking terrain. Explore the rugged landscapes of Villarrica National Park, traverse around the tranquil Villarrica Lake, and climb craggy craters at the foot of the Villarrica Volcano on your bike.

Choose between easy going, non-technical off-road biking and smooth flowing single tracks or, for technically skilled riders, extreme downhill tracks. This area boasts trails and terrains to fit all levels and preferences.

Equipment: Trainers or biking shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen (bike, gloves and helmet are provided by the lodge)
Birds to see: Chimango caracara, black-faced ibis, southern lapwing
Trees to view: Coihue, tepa, arrayan, lingue, ulmo
Time to go: Year-round (depending on weather conditions)

Rio Plata, Quetroleufu

This excursion begins just 10 minutes from the lodge. Ride through a field full of farm animals, taking in the views of the Villarrica Volcano, and skirt along the Liucura River. Reach the observatory located at the Quelhue Bridge, and view the Trancura River as well as the Quetrupillan and Lanin Volcanoes. The ride culminates with a stop at the Rio Plata Beach to admire the beautiful spectacle of the volcano, before returning to the lodge.

Distance of bike ride: 12 km (7.45miles) return
Difficulty: Easy / moderate

El Cerduo, Villarrica National Park

Nestled between hills and rivers, cross a field surrounded by young forest and reach a high point with panoramic views of the Andes Mountain Range (known as the Cordillera). It is hard to take your eyes off the views of the Villarrica Volcano from this spot, as it is simply sensational.

Distance of the bike ride: 6 km (3.72miles) return
Difficulty: Easy

Saltos De Mariman, Quetroleufu

Leave the lodge by bike and ride along an inner trail with gorgeous views of the Villarrica Volcano until you reach an ecopark. From here, walk to an observatory to view the cascading Trancura River Waterfalls.

Distance of the bike ride: 4 km (2.48miles) return
Difficulty: Easy


Only available as part of a planned itinerary

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