Cheese factory tour in Chile’s Lake District

Head to the Vira Vira cheese factory for a delectable tour

The essence of a cheese factory tour

Located on the Vira Vira property is a tempting cheese factory (quesería). Local cheese-maker, Marisol Martinez, is renowned for her wholesome, authentic and flavourful cheeses that get devoured by our guests. The ultimate foodie delight, enjoy a tour of this delicious quesería and gain insight into the specific ways different cheese, including Parmesan, Gruyère, Blue cheese and Camembert are produced. Glimpse into what goes into creating top-quality cheese, and marvel at the massive wheels of slowly maturing cheeses, and the various ways to produce soft and hard cheeses. Sample and enjoy the superb flavours and textures of the various cheeses. None of the cheeses produced are for retail, they are for the exclusive delight of the guests’ palate.

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