Birdwatching in Chile’s Lake District

Pack your binoculars for incredible birding

The essence of birdwatching

Exciting excursions allow birders to visit different habitats, such as mountains, lakes, rivers and forests to search high and low for the iconic species in the area. At times, bird calls might lead you to capture stunning sightings of the giant magellanic woodpecker, ringed kingfisher, chucao tapaculo, snowy egret, black-crowned night heron, plumbeous rail and Andean condor, to name but a few! As well as enjoying the resident birdlife, the exquisite surrounds of majestic volcanoes and shimmering Andean lakes add to the experience. For guests not wanting to venture too far from the lodge, a walk around the perimeter of the estate can produce white-throated treerunner, Chilean flicker, thorn-tailed rayadito, tufted tit-tyrant, grey-hooded sierra finch, yellow-billed pintail, black-faced ibis, black-necked swan and southern lapwing without too much effort.

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