Puñihuil marine tour

Come across cheeky penguins at Chiloe Island

The essence of the Puñihuil marine tour

Chiloé Island’s Puñihuil uniquely houses two breeds of penguin, the near-extinct Humboldt and, the cheeky Magallanic. These penguins live in harmony in the coves of the island, a protected natural monument.

The island boasts magnificent views of pure, untouched waters, and are a haven for other marine life such as blue whales. Sail around the inlets of Puñihuil, and discover cormorants, as they glide across the sparkling surface, nosy otters and brushed apricot ashen ducks. Explore the environmentally secure region and trek along the many paths that hug the coastline.


Only available as part of a planned itinerary

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