Mountain biking or horse riding

Saddle up for an exploration of the Atacama Desert

The essence of the mountain biking or horse riding

Explore the arid desert on horseback or cycle along dedicated paths and routes that will allow you to fully appreciate the vastness the spectacular Atacama Desert.

Awaken with the rising sun and marvel at the beautiful scenery on a half day, four to six-hour bike trek to Cejar, with some of the areas forming part of the Los Flamencos National Reserve. The mostly flat, dirt route begins at the Salt Flats and concludes at the Laguna Cejar, a sink hole lake in the Salar de Atacama. These saline water plains comprise of three, deep lakes, outlined by salt crusts. Only one of the turquoise lakes can be used for swimming, due to its high salt concentrations, which allow you to float along the surface. Along the way, you will be treated to exceptional views of three surrounding mountain ranges; the mighty, snow-capped Andes that dominate the continent, the ruddy, mineral infused Domeyko, and the massive, stressed Salt Range.

Half day horseback rides to Death Valley last approximately three hours, starting towards the Quitor Oasis and continuing on to Death Valley. Huge clay formations, large dunes and the Salt Range will serve as the backdrop for this excursion. In the evenings, fires are lit and sundowners and snack can be enjoyed under the open sky to celebrate your stay in the Atacama Desert. At night, the dim surrounding lights act as a guide, allowing you to unwind under the superb velvet sky of the Atacama Desert, awash with glimmering stars, shadows in the distance, and absolute, glorified silence.

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