Cultural insight experience in the Maldives

Enhance your cultural knowledge by exploring the land and interacting with local people

The essence of a cultural insight experience

Gain insight into the friendly Maldivian people and immerse yourself in their culture, a rich fusion of Indian, Malaysian, Sri Lankan, Arab and African influences. As much as this spectacular island is about beauty and aqua adventures, there is an incredible opportunity to gain a different perspective when you meet the locals. Put your feet in another person’s shoes, or in this case flip flops, and move to their rhythm. Stroll down island streets with your guide and mingle with the locals, chat to shop owners and market vendors as they share their stories. Chat to artisans who create unique handcrafted items and learn about vibrant music and dance rituals, integral to Maldivian culture. Sit in a local café and taste typical snacks, fresh fish and spicy curries and join in a game of soccer with enthusiastic kids kicking a football around coconut trees.

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