Visit the city of Patan

Lose yourself among beautiful Nepalese architecture of Patan

The essence of visiting the city of Patan

Patan City, known as Lalitpur and the ‘The Beautiful City’, was once home to kings who resided in luxurious palaces in Durbar Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of Kathmandu’s three royal cities, this ancient living place is renowned for its spectacular craftsmanship by skilled artisans and remains unparalleled in its display of Newari architecture and exquisite collection of both pagoda and Hindu style temples and palaces.

Explore the Royal Palace and the striking three-roofed tower Taleju Bhawani Mandir. Embellished temples to view include the 17th century Hari Shanar Mandir and Krishna Mandir. Several bahals (Buddhist monasteries) that are built around a courtyard, the most famous being Kwa Bahal, the Golden Temple, can be found in the north of Patan.  Dating back to the 14th century is the Kumbeshwar Mandir, the oldest temple in Patan decorated with unique sculptures and intricate hand carved wooden doors. The Ashoka Stupa, with enigmatic painted eyes is the most inspiring of the four stupas in Patan and the Mahabuddha, the Temple of the Thousand Buddhas, teems with terracotta Buddhist representations.

Peruse the excellent collection of Buddhist and Hindu art in the Patan Museum, stroll through bustling bazaars colourful with Nepali culture, pop into charming shops with silver jewellery, pungent spices, incense, carved wooden statues and textured rugs, visit the Jawalkhel area in southern Patan observing traditional carpet weaving at the Tibetan Handicraft Centre and discover the ingenuity of the metal craftsmen in the Thaina area.


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