Local children in the Maldives

Enhance your cultural knowledge by exploring the land and interacting with local people

Cultural insight experience

The essence of a cultural insight experience

A deeply satisfying experience is seeing a countries beating heart through the eyes of the locals, the people who call it home. This allows you to be open to what goes on around you and gives you a great perspective, and understanding into how these people live. Heighten your cultural knowledge and interact with them, stroll along the island streets with your guide, and delight in traditional snacks at a local café.

Smile at a stranger and ask them a question. Chat with shop owners or market vendors, get to know your driver, and show the locals you’re interested in them and their culture. You never know where a simple introduction or question may lead. Catch scores of local children kicking a football around coconut trees and engage with the inhabitants who are so friendly and happy to immerse themselves in a conversation with you. Listen to them share their stories, traditions and cultural practices and surrender yourself to the real Maldives.

Established as a magnificent luxury destination, the Maldives was never a destination that popped to mind for tourists who were looking for a cultural experience or to engage with locals other than within the confines of their idyllic holiday island. Fortunately this has changed and your experience will be both enlightening and informative.

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