Visit the local weavers near Kaziranga

Watch Assamese women weave fairy tales into their clothing

The essence of visiting local weavers

The northern banks of the Brahmaputra River are lined with charming villages where the ancient art of weaving has been passed down from generation to generation. In Assam this skill is revered as a time-honoured craft. The inspiration behind this art form can be found in the kaleidoscopic landscapes of India. The deep, rich colours run through the very roots of the land, from the fauna and flora to the vibrant culture of the residents. Pass through golden paddy fields, lush hills and emerald plains on your journey to visit master artisans.

The soothing click clack of the traditional hand-operated throw-shuttle looms can be heard from numerous homes throughout the villages, fondly referred to as taatxaal. Age-old techniques are employed to create the most splendid motifs and designs, depicting figures from the time of the Ahom kings, as well as the wildlife of the Kaziranga National Park. Fabrics are dyed using various ingredients, such as deep indigo lac, soaked tea leaves, turmeric and the soft pastel petals of the polash and sonaru trees. The looms create dainty silk mekhela chadars, traditional Assamese dresses, bright saris and comforting shawls.

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