Safari game drive in Kanha National Park

Delve deep into the forest in an open safari vehicle

The essence of the safari game drive

Step into the famous Jungle Book when you embark on game drives through Kanha Tiger Reserve. Located in the Central Indian highlands, the Reserve promises breathtaking views and captivating wildlife encounters. Lush sal forests, crystal clear streams, meadows and grassy plains are inhabited by large herds of chital, barasingha (swamp deer) known as the ‘Jewel of Kanha’, dhole (Asiatic wild dog), gaur (Indian bison), jackal and countless species of reptiles, insects and dazzling flora. Kanha is one of the most famous reserves in India boasting a rich tiger population. Spot sloth bears hanging upside down on leafy trees, chattering striped hyenas snooping for seconds, cheeky monkeys swinging from the tangled canopies and leopards draped along thick tree limbs enveloped in dense vegetation. Predatory nocturnal animals like fox, hyena, jungle cat, civets, ratel or honey badger and hares can be seen outside the Park confines. Gliding in the aqua water, turtles and amphibians drift and float. Cast your eye to the tops of shady trees and glimpse kaleidoscopic fluttering as over 200 bird species paint the sky with magnificent splashes of colour.

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