Village walk

Stroll through the fields near Bandhavgarh National Park

The essence of the village walk

Between the excitement of morning and afternoon Game Drives, a lovely stroll and jaunt whilst accompanied by a Lodge Naturalist around local fields and the nearby village is a must. Season dependent, marvel at either post monsoon or winter crops being hand sown, diligently tended or gloriously harvested.  Join a local village class and partake in a session of interactive learning where you will be taken through the annual cycle of local agriculture and the erratic weather patterns that dictate the survival of rural communities.

Another problem that the villagers face is the threatening man animal conflict, and this is an extraordinary opportunity to get first-hand experience of what it is like to live on the periphery of a jungle. Relish the time spent engaging with these inhabitants, delving into their lives and understanding how they live.

Reflect on their ethnic way of life, and observe their charming modest dwellings, composed of pretty mud clustered houses, enveloped by dense emerald green forest, golden fields and sparkling ponds. Glimpse elders lounging around smoking hookahs, contemplating their quiet life as the world whirls past. Women bustle with household chores and outspoken cattle are herded off to graze.

Gorgeous colourful villages abound with flourishing fields, and seem to be the ideal getaway from the hyperactive crazy of city life. Sit back, put your feet up and revel in spectacular beauty while you make friends with the locals!

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