Thimphu weekend farmers market

Explore the local market for fresh produce and goods

The essence of Thimphu weekend farmers market

Immerse yourself in a sensory experience at the Thimphu weekend farmers market, on the western bank of the Wang Chu River, every Friday through Sunday. Drawing in Thimphu’s residents, the market comes alive with colourful stalls brimming with local and imported goods, friendly locals eager to chat and vendors happy to stuff your bags with arts, crafts and delicious food products.

On the upper level of the market, relish contemporary and traditional Bhutanese dishes, infused with spices and savoury herbs that waft throughout the market. The lower levels are a feast of international dishes sure to awaken a taste sensation.

Watch crimson clad monks browsing through glimmering brass cymbals and trumpets as you peruse antique brass, weaved textiles, incense, fruit, vegetables, clothing, handicrafts and jewellery. Keep your camera handy for excellent photographic opportunities.

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