Thimphu weekend farmers market

Awaken all your senses on a weekend shopping expedition

The essence of Thimphu weekend farmers market

Savour a sensory inducing experience as you stroll along the vibrant stalls of the Thimpu Weekend Farmers Market, run every Friday through Sunday. Drawing in most of Thimpu’s vivacious residents, the marketplace teems with both local and imported goods over a range of industry and commerce. Socialise with vibrantly dressed and animated locals, eager to mingle and guide travellers through the many paths, all brimming with local fare and flare.

Delight in Bhutanese inspired dishes, both contemporary and traditional, in the upper level of the market, marvellously infused with local and organic aromatic spices and savoury herbs that waft throughout the market, hypnotising and mesmerising zealous visitors. The lower levels promise imported cookery, showcasing a plethora of international dishes sure to awaken any traveller’s culinary sense of adventure and exploration.

Across the deep, calm river, marvel at the tranquil and elegant forms of crimson clad monks, as they browse through glimmering brass cymbals and shimmery trumpets stalls. Caress antique cold brass, smooth woods, and weaved textiles, peppered with local crafts, wonderfully ornamented across the deeper arcades. Take full advantage of the brilliant photographic opportunities available, in the backdrop of stunning and captivating scenery, and in the foreground of an ageless and striking culture.

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