Farmers in Paro, Bhutan

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Rich in history and adhering to the rich traditions of the region, the beautiful Paro Valley is a place where time stands still. In addition to a thriving commercial farming industry, the region is known for subsistence farming done using time-honoured methods. Known fondly as the ‘Rice Bowl’ of the Bhutanese Kingdom, the Paro Valley grows large amounts of red rice, the staple starch of the nation, which is farmed on its fertile fields and terraces. The region’s commercial enterprises and family-owned farms also yield copious amounts of millet, wheat, apples, potatoes, as well as a range of seasonal vegetables native to the area.

Take some time to join the daily rituals of the local people and immerse yourself in this quaint and traditional farming scene. Stroll between homes that feature distinct Bhutanese architecture, with whitewashed walls dominated by intricately etched wooden façades and arched timber roofs. Work in the fields alongside authentic Bhutanese subsistence farmers, dressed in colourful traditional attire and experience a day in the life of a Paro local. Rice and chillies are planted in the spring heralds and harvested the following autumn. Join the locals throughout the year as they plant and harvest their fruitful crops using time-tested farming methods and implements. End a fruitful day in the fields by sharing a an authentic Bhutanese farm dinner with the local farmers and their families, washing it all down with a local rice wine, known simply as Ara.

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