Tshewang ceremony at a Gangtey Goenpa

Pray alongside crimson-clad monks and lamas

Tshewang ceremony and breakfast

The essence of a Tshewang ceremony and breakfast

The escorted, morning tour to Gangtey Goempa monastery offers guests a truly spiritual and mystical adventure amid crimson clad monks. Experience the deep non-physical nature of the Bhutanese people as you traverse across Gangtey’s most renowned hermitage. Gangtey Goempa is idyllically located on a jade-hued woodland hill with unbarred views of the entire Phobjikha valley below. The monastery exhibits prime Bhutanese architecture, featuring lower white washed walls, engulfed by intricately carved wooden accents, interlaced with ruby tones that dominate the upper and middle façade. The flat layered timber roof boasts meandering, rainbow fringes that lead up to a gild embossed dome, gloriously glinting under the Bhutanese sun. The Nyingma temple was founded over 400 years ago by the progeny and reincarnation of Pema Lingpa, today serving as the seat of the 9th reincarnation of the body of the Terton, treasure discoverer. Partake in a Tshewang prayer ceremony, alongside monks and lamas, teachers of the Dharma, supplicating for personal empowerment, wish fulfilment and a healthy life, concluding the prayer by lighting pale butter candles. End the enlightened tour with a personal blessing from a reincarnated Master, followed by an exclusive circuit of the immense and holy shrine. Savour a delightful and private Bhutanese inspired breakfast within the monastery complex, overlooking the lush and vast valley below.

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