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Walk along a bamboo forest deep within the valley of Phobjikha

Longtey Hike

The essence of the Longtey Hike

The Gangtey Valley, also known as the Phobjikha Valley, is a breathtaking glacial valley in mystical Bhutan. This breathtaking hike through the region begins with a scenic drive from the riveting Phobjikha Valley to the charming village of Longtey. From here you will set off on a four-hour moderate walk back towards Gangtey Gompa, an impressive Buddhist monastery that traces back to the 17th century. Head along a sloping, lined pathway that takes you through towering bushes of jade-hued bamboo, swaying together in a jumble of shadow and light. At the end of the bamboo enclave lies a small group of village houses, built in the distinct Bhutanese style, which features elevated platforms, intricately carved timber window panes and wood-lined, arched roofs.

During the spring months the woodlands on either side of the valley look particularly stunning, gloriously cloaked in a kaleidoscope of crimson, violet and candy floss coloured rhododendrons. In the winter months, the valley is splendidly shrouded in thick blankets of pearly white snow, on which mighty onyx and caramel-horned yaks graze. As you move upwards, you’ll pass ancient rhododendron forests and soaring trees that sigh in the wind, whispering the ancient secrets of this mystical region. The peak of the pathway features magnificent, unobstructed views of the valley and the lofty monasteries below as you enjoy an authentic Bhutanese lunch. Next, head down to the tranquil village of Kumbu, where you can choose to end your walk, or carry on to the deep valley floor and the Shedra, a renowned and mystical place of teaching.

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