Matetsi Boat Cruise Panoramic

Glide along the mighty waters of southern Africa’s largest river at Matetsi Private Game Reserve

Sunset river cruise

The essence of the River Cruise

Set off on a completely exclusive riverboat cruise along the rolling waters of the mighty Zambezi. Time your outing to catch one of the two most beautiful times along the river’s banks and choose whether to marvel at the rising mists of the early morning or to marvel at the golden colours of an Africa sunset reflecting off the tranquil river waters. Board one of &Beyond’s sturdy pontoon boats and make your way slowly upstream, drinking in the stunning setting of Africa’s fourth largest river.

Broad and powerful, the river is dotted with lush, wooded islands, while craggy shelves of rock in the shallow gurgle and foam with small rapids. Keep an eye out for movements in the dense fringes of forest that line the banks and watch out for animals sunning themselves on the wide floodplains after coming down to the river to drink. Listen to the deep chuckle and grunt of families of hippo and the quiet splash that signals the stealthy approach of the crocodile.

Sit in silence with an ice-cold drink in your hand or take up one of the boat’s fishing rods and try your hand at casting into the green waters. Match your strength with the powerful tiger fish, with its flashing jaws, enter into a battle of wills with the wily catfish or marvel at the gleaming colours of the Zambezi yellowfish or the red-breasted tilapia.

As you float gently back with the current, pull out your binoculars for a close look at the river’s thriving birdlife. Listen to the forlorn call of the African fish eagle, watch the African finfoot darting through the shallows and the green-backed heron striding amongst the rushes or marvel at the speed of the pied kingfisher as it swoops down to the river’s surface.

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