Meet the Karamojong or Ik People

Get a glimpse of local tradition in Kidepo National Park

The essence of meeting the Karamojong or Ik People

A wonderful cultural immersion awaits as you meet the pastoralist Karamojong community of Kidepo. Learn about their fascinating way of life, meet the village elders and enjoy a fun-filled activity with the community children. Alternatively, hike into the Morungole Mountains within the park, to engage with the enchanting Ik people. This remote community of subsistence farmers has kept to their traditional way of life, with villagers only travelling to the lowlands to trade grain.

An extraordinary excursion is exploring the remote tribes in Africa, and the Ik People, also known as “Mountain people”, they are a unique Ugandan ethnic group located in north Eastern Uganda in the Morungule Mountains, Kabongo district. one of the smallest and marginalized tribes in the country there are about 10,000 people.

Initially it is difficult to distinguish between IK people and Karamojongs due to their similar ways of lively jump dancing, specific hut building and unique dressing. The difference between these two tribes is that the IK people speak Teuso language and practice subsistence farming and not nomadic pastoralism, practiced by Karamojongs.

The Karamojong people are also an intriguing tribe in North Eastern Uganda. They are a Nilotic tribe for whom cattle form an essential part of their culture. The cattle are assembled collectively and provide the primary food of cow blood and cattle blood. The Karamojong boys assist in herding the cattle from a very young age.

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