Fly camping

Camping on the fly at Ruaha National Park

The essence of fly camping

An adventure-filled combination of a walking safari and tranquil nights spent in the middle of the Ruaha National Park wilderness, this one or two night fly camping activity is perfect for the avid explorer.

Discover the wonders of the park by foot as you navigate through its beautiful landscapes to your campsite for the night. In the evening, swap tales of the day’s adventure around a roaring campfire and tuck into a delicious meal before you retire for the night under a blanket of a million stars.

The Ruaha boasts a plethora of diverse habitats, and is a fascinating biodiversity hotspot. There are many inhabitants to this park that are very rare, endemic or extremely habitat specific and are not found in many other Parks of Africa. These include Sable Antelope, Roan Antelope, Liechtenstein’s Hartebeest and Lesser Kudus.

An abundance of massive grey elephants crowd the terrain and majestic buffalos also converge in enormous numbers during the dry season. Predatory cats’ royally roam the landscape and the Mwagusi sand river area is said to hold one of the largest populations of lions in Africa.

As you drift off to sleep relish the phenomenal surround sound of the spectacular bush; the calls, rustles, rumblings, crackles and ripples of the wild.

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