Fly camping

Spend an evening in the wilderness of Katavi National Park

The essence of fly camping

Mesmerised by the magnificence of Katavi, you cannot but help feel as if the Park was made with you in mind. Vast diverse landscapes and sweeping herds of game, this remote area is spectacularly unspoilt and your own personal wildlife extravaganza.

Spend a memorable evening, immersed in the tranquillity of the African wilderness, on an adventure-filled fly camping excursion. Here, enjoy a sumptuous three course meal before retiring to the comforts of your charming mosquito-netted tent, and be mesmerised by the blanket of a million stars, and the vast expanse of crystal clear skies revealing the Milky Way and an astonishing number of satellites and galaxies.

Slumbering in the wild, as you drift off you can truly appreciate your surroundings, as you hear the rustles, ripples, patters, hisses and swishes of the wild world just outside your door. A theatre of gigantic hippos pods of thousands, cagey crocodiles, dignified buffalo and cunning predators, Katavi is a sublime secret and your ideal surround sound entertainment.

Settle in for the night on your soft mattress and feather pillow, and if you are worried about sleeping in, don’t give it a second thought; the spectacular sunrise and harmonious chorus of birdsong will thrill you awake as well as the trumpeting elephants alerting the Park that a new day has dawned.

Rest assured that you will be guarded throughout your stay by an armed guide.


Only available as part of a planned itinerary

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