Shopping at The Wonder Workshop

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The essence of shopping at The Wonder Workshop

Looking for a spot of retail therapy? Venture to the Wonder Workshop in Dar es Salaam. This 1-hour excursion offers the opportunity to browse through the shop’s exceptional scrap metal art, glass beads and jewellery, sundried papers, handmade wooden souvenirs – all created with recycled materials, as well as artisan soaps and candles. The Wonder Workshop employees around 30 community members who live with a disability.

Most of the employees have been fully trained in the use of welding equipment. This has been combined with a proactive campaign in recycling metal to produce imaginative and creative works of art, for both interior and exterior parts of the home. The works of art include a wide range of wildlife and birds as well as boats and domestic artefacts such as candle holders and magazine racks. Wonder Welders also produce a selection of photo frames and wooden toys. The frames are all made from recycled paper and card board collected from within Dar es Salaam. The wooden toys are made from renewable Tanzanian wood sources.

The commitment and natural ability of each employee has produced inspiration and imagination in every product created. At this excellent workshop, crafts can also be commissioned (and sent abroad), and Monday through Friday, you can watch the artists at work.

Additional challenges are added to the lives of these hard working Tanzanian employees who have disabilities such as polio. Despite this, employees at Wonder Welders have committed themselves to developing incredible skills that provide satisfaction and pleasure for an abundance people around the world. And, of equal importance, is the financial support that equips families with desperately needed income to aid with schooling, health and domestic needs.

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