Tanzanite Experience tour

Spoil yourself with the dazzle of Tanzanite in Arusha

The essence of the Tanzanite Experience tour

Mined only in Tanzania, the beautiful blue December birthstone, known as tanzanite, is a unique souvenir of your East African adventure and a must-have in any jewellery lover’s collection. The Tanzanite Experience is a 1 to 2-hour tour that introduces the history of this magnificent mineral, including how it was discovered and first mined.

You will enjoy the opportunity to see for yourself how each precious gem is graded and cut. Savour the opportunity to ogle tanzanite up close and handle rough and polished stones. Once you have a true appreciation of this gem, you can spoil yourself by purchasing a genuine, well cut and certified tanzanite piece at a charming boutique store. The Tanzanite Experience boutiques are brimming with beautiful displays dedicated to the fascinating blue violet gemstone.

It is said that tanzanite is “1,000 times rarer than diamonds” and, found at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, is incredibly exclusive to Tanzania. Exhibiting magnificent blue and violet hues, tanzanite was first discovered in 1967. World famous New York jewellers “Tiffany & Co”, declared it “the most beautiful blue stone to be discovered in 2,000 years”, and named it Tanzanite. A must have vibrant blue gem for your bejewelled trinket box.

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