Hot air balloonn safari - Kruger and Sabi Sand

Float away in a colourful balloon over an emerald canyon Hot air balloon safari

The essence of the experience

Embark on a safari from above, in the comfort of a massive, weaved basket, securely attached to a billowing balloon. The hour-long flight hovers over the lowveld sector, in the west of Hoedspruit, Limpopo. Pass over a lush patchwork of farms and fine vineyards, dotted around sprawling private nature reserves that edge towards the magnificent Drakensberg Escarpment. The range creates a natural border, efficiently forming the perimeter for various provinces in the country, and includes several natural features, such as the Blyde River Canyon.

The unique amphitheatre formed at the escarpment, creates a wind controlled arena, protecting the hot air balloon, and ensuring a steady flight. The Blyde River Canyon is an iconic landmark of the region, and stands as one of the largest canyons in the world and the second largest in Africa (the Fish River Canyon taking pride of place). It is also the greenest, due to its flourishing, subtropical foliage. Marvel at the cavernous, steep cliffs of the canyon with a bird’s eye view of God’s Window, and the old, mining town of Graskop, located at the edge of the Lowveld. Float along many more scenic outcrops and ridges, each with a local story, cloaked in African folklore and flare.