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Almost 250 000 victims of the genocide against the Tutsi tribe are buried within the grounds of the Kigali Genocide Memorial – a quarter of the one million Rwandans killed during the atrocities that swept the country in 1994. This guided tour serves not only to educate visitors about the horrors of the genocide by means of three permanent exhibitions, but also as a meaningful tribute to those who perished.

Wander around the museum and discover the history of the divisive colonial experience in Rwanda, the background to the horrific genocide, which spanned a mere 100 days. Watch moving video testimony from survivors and view exhibits of the crimes that took place here. One section pays a poignant tribute to the young children who fell victim to the killers’ machetes. Life-sized photos describing in specific detail their best toys, their last words, their favourite food and how they were killed are a stirring reminder that such atrocities must never happen again.

A sombre and melancholic museum that features giant wall displays, archival documents, photos, video footage and weapons encased in glass, the Kigali Genocide Memorial is a place that needs to be explored.

Beautiful and serene rose gardens, as well as cascading fountains surround the centre, providing a haven for those needing time to contemplate and compose themselves after their visit. Mass graves lie peacefully the lush garden, covered by giant plates of concrete, serving as a reminder of those that have been lost.

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