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History, architecture and culture collide on a fascinating, guided Kigali city tour. The vibrancy of Kigali is beautifully showcased as you venture to where the first modern building was built, which laid the foundations for Rwanda’s capital city. Next, journey through bustling neighbourhoods for an authentic taste of Kigali life. The rapidly changing façade of the city is due to the numerous visitors and investors who are attracted to what has been hailed as one of the friendliest and safest cities in Africa.

Your Kigali city tour includes sensory stops at the city market, a well organised, whirling space selling a variety of vegetables, fruits, cereals, wood, home products and textiles, with a section for the tourists that features souvenirs, mementos and handcrafted goods.  A visit to the Museum of Natural History is a must, housing exhibits on Rwanda’s geology and natural wonders. The view from the garden is magnificent and showcases the flourishing urban sprawl. Find the time to interact with the artisans of the Inema Art Centre. This pivotal contemporary art gallery in Kigali boasts colourful paintings and sculptures and is the ideal place to revel in colourful dance and musical performances. Top up your energy levels with a meal at the Hotel Des Milles Collines, made famous by the movie Hotel Rwanda.

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