Scenic Helicopter Flights

Soar over the vast expanse of the Sossusvlei Desert

Scenic Helicopter Flights

Take off from near &Beyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge and feel your love soar

The ideal way to capture the beauty of the surrounds is with a scenic helicopter flight over the breathtaking vast expanse of the desert. From your birds-eye perspective, be captivated by rolling sand dunes, craggy mountain tops, solidified rock formations and enchanting fairy circles. This adventure is ideal for you both to experience Namibia’s brilliant vista and to get your hearts beating. As if this was not euphoric enough, land in a romantic spot and enjoy a glass of Champagne and a picnic. Doors can be removed for keen photographers.

*These experiences are at an additional cost

Scenic flight options

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Scenic Desert Flight

Take off from nearby the lodge and soar over the vast expanse of the desert for an approximately 60 min helicopter flight. Hover over jagged mountain tops that emerge from the iconic Namib dunes, white mineral pans, rocky outcrops and unique fauna and flora. Be captivated as you fly over a landscape that has remained unchanged for millions of years.


Namib Dune Photographic Flight

Avid photographers will enjoy this 90 min photographic flight showcasing the best of the Namib Desert. This flight extends to the ocean, where the red dune belt drops 152m (500ft) into the sea. Observe a seal colony at Black Rock and fly with doors off allowing you to capture red dunes, resident desert-adapted wildlife, rocky mountains and sandy plains. This experience includes a stopover in the dunes to enjoy a glass of champagne.

Scenic Coastal Flight

Experience the desert from above on a 2.5 hour helicopter flight. Fly over the Devil’s Fork dune formation and soar past the gnarled, twisted trees of Deadvlei. Continue until you hit the coast where the dunes fringe the sea, turn north from Meob Bay and follow the shoreline towards the Eduard Bohlen shipwreck. Enjoy a champagne stop and head home with views of Witberg Mountain.


Only available as part of a planned itinerary

&Beyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

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