Safari game drive in Okinjima

Explore the wonders of Namibia by 4×4

The essence of a Safari game drive

Originally established by the Hanssen family as a small guest farm in 1986, Okonjima Nature Reserve is ideally placed between Windhoek and Etosha National Park and is renowned as the home of the AfriCat Foundation. Visits to the foundation can be arranged, bringing travelers up close to the regal predators that roam the land. Day and evening game drives through the 20 000 hectare (49 420 acre) reserve at the foot of the Omboroko Mountains are a veritable feast for the senses, encompassing unbelievable scenery, fresh breezes that caress your face in the open-sided 4×4, natural dusky perfumes that permeate the air and a authentic orchestra of African sounds.

Game drives are led by experienced and trained guides who tailor excursions to suit the preferences of every guest, whether it’s to view a certain animal, learn about the mannerisms of different species and their habitats or simply to enjoy the vast expanse and the panoramic surroundings. Guides are always eager and willing to impart their vast knowledge and expertise to interested travellers.

Okonjima Nature Reserve is one of Africa’s renowned wildlife areas and is located in Namibia’s prime wilderness conservation area. The AfriCat Foundation is committed to conserving the predator population of Namibia and is particularly dedicated to the lion welfare programme.  Okonjima is also home to numerous other four-legged residents, including the remainder of the famed Big Five, elegant giraffe, blue wildebeest, Hartmann’s mountain zebra and the smallest antelope in the world, the Damara dik-dik, which weighs no more than 6 kg (13 lb). Watch in awe as the swift, spotted cheetah whips past in eager pursuit of its prey or marvel at the high pitch of the Chacma baboon as it announces its presence to all and sundry. Okonjima promises an exceptional African safari to remember and entrusts its guests with a wealth of conservation knowledge.


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