Safari game drive in Damaraland

View desert adapted wildlife on the plains of Damaraland

The essence of the Safari game drive

Ideally situated on the eastern side of the Skeleton Coast National Park and southwest of Etosha National Park. Damaraland stands as one of the most beautiful areas found in Namibia, featuring a massive, untamed, and ruggedly beautiful region that offers travelers an adventurous challenge. Explore the rugged region alongside experienced and knowledgeable guides in search of specially adapted wildlife, as they expertly navigate through the arid desert in search of food and moisture in the seemingly hostile environment.  Morning and afternoon game drives perfectly exhibit the intense scenery, sporting prehistoric water courses with open plains and grasslands, massive granite koppies, deep gorges, and captivating wildlife littered across the region. The breath-taking mountainous region of Damaraland is home to an assortment of this desert-adapted wildlife, such as the mighty desert-dwelling elephant, rare black rhino, banded zebra, and famed predators, like the wild-maned lion, spotted brown hyena, and swift cheetah. These four-legged residents all eke out an acceptable existence in the near-barren landscape, amongst the towering basalt mountains and Mopani-shaded river beds of the Kunene region.

The desert landscape further encompasses boulder-strewn valleys dotted with grazing herds and predators, adapted megafauna, volcanic rock shards cloaking scorpions and snakes, and wide open air slain with the fierce wings of snake eagles and 240 additional avian residents. A key attraction in the region is the picturesque Brandberg, Namibia’s highest mountain, which is home to thousands of ancient rock paintings, most notably The White Lady, discovered in 1918. The rock painting is gorgeously outlined on a small rock overhang and is shrouded in mystery and folklore. Namibia’s first World Heritage Site, Twyfelfontein, illustrates exceptional Bushmen engravings that depict the rich wildlife population on its rocky outcrops, universally considered to be some of the best-preserved etchings on the African continent. It is an unspoiled setting of an old world, where untamed wildlife and local herdsman live side by side without the restrictions of modern living.


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